Monday, October 02, 2006

Lisp is still really pretty.

So I'm building some decision trees for a project I've been working on -- this automatic typo correction for tiny blackberry-style keyboards. The motivation for this is pretty obvious -- we have to decide when to do the correction and when to let the user type what they're typing!

I'm going through some code I'd had for an earlier project, this one done in Common Lisp. And I've been really excited about Python recently -- but man, Lisp is so nice for data structures. There's so little punctuation for building things. I mean, goodness -- it's as if the language was made for dealing with recursively nested things. I'm a little reluctant to translate this stuff -- why am I not just using CL, again? ...

Oh yeah, because I need to make it talk to other programs.

Also! Roughly the hippest thing ever is the __call__ construct on Python classes. If an object has a __call__() method defined on it, then for object foo, you just go foo(arg), and it does its Pre-Defined Thing. Check it out! ("emulating callable objects")

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