Monday, December 04, 2006

rapid-feedback poetry and lisp environments

I think, ultimately, TEB is going to want to be less of a fully automated thing and more of a computer-aided composition tool for poetry. Or maybe it'd be better to think of it as a generator, with a human in the loop. Something that would let you get really rapid feedback and come up with suggestions. It would let you build poetry by search, recognizing what you like and what you don't like. And it'll keep versioning information...

Hey, speaking of development environments! On Lemonodor, I just found out that there's an Eclipse plugin for writing Lisp called Cusp. It uses SBCL and swank, like all right-thinking lispers, letting you do SLIME-like things without Emacs -- SLIME being the currently en-vogue common lisp development environment, and swank being the backend. There's a similar project out there that I've been watching too -- Slim-Vim, which is an attempt to make that same swank code work with vim. (the mailing list has been a little quiet, but it might pick up steam again)

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