Saturday, August 04, 2007

further readings: one day, I'll have something coherent to say about type systems

The first finder of any error in my books receives $2.56; significant suggestions are also worth $0.32 each. If you are really a careful reader, you may be able to recoup more than the cost of the books this way.

However, people who have read the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves should not expect a reward for criticizing the ways in which I use commas. Punctuation is extremely important to me, but I insist on doing it my own way.

-- Don "The Lion" Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming homepage.

*laughs* We love you, Don.

Also: there's so much to read in this life. I've recently picked up books on proper C++ technique, security, and proper unit testing, and I'll probably give those some priority on my ever-growing Queue. Of course, there's all those books on statistical NLP that need to get read in the near future if I'm going to be of any help to anyone.

I've been in on a few conversations recently about C++ and pitfalls and bugs that can arise when using it. The more I think about these, particularly random language-specific casting rules and several different competing ways to represent strings, the more I think that Haskell is going to be a good idea. Or possibly SML.

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