Saturday, January 05, 2008

Design Patterns Ahoy: Violator Pattern

So, at work, every so often somebody brings up the "Violator" Pattern, typically with a slight smirk. Up until recently, I wasn't at all well-versed in design patterns, but this seems like a field that one, as a professional programmer, should be at least familiar with. So I picked up the classic Gang of Four book and started reading through it.

And while, so far, it seems like just good, solid advice about software design -- and at the risk of sounding uncritical, is it really so bad to have common names for commonly-occurring software structures? -- ... no "Violator" pattern is to be found in Gang of Four. Or on the C2 design patterns wiki.

And I wanted to work out for myself what this mysterious Violator Pattern could be. And I figured it out today. In GWT, you can use the JavaScript Native Interface to make calls from code written in JavaScript into methods written in Java. And when you do this, the compiler totally ignores the access modifiers on the methods you're calling. That's the Violator pattern.

A paragon of OO design, verily :)

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