Friday, February 29, 2008

in which alexr surprises you by linking to Microsoft software

If you build web applications, you've got to contend with Internet Explorer, versions 6 and 7. The quandary is that it's not clear how to have both versions installed at the same time. Some people have resorted to using several virtual machines, but this turns out to be overkill.

Lindsey Kuper comes to our rescue, and points out this article: Using IE6 and IE7 together.

The first approach in that article was especially helpful for me: there's a version of IE6 bundled with all the libraries, ready to go even if the updates have installed IE7 for you. It works great, in as far as IE6 can be said to "work great".

What is surprisingly nice is the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. This is from those cats in Redmond, and I'm surprised it's not more widely publicized. It comes with a very functional DOM inspector that users of Firebug will figure out pretty quickly, and it works with that standalone IE6.

So! Now you can more easily and precisely diagnose just which inane and hateful things the IE rendering engine is doing to your app!

Happy hacking, and good luck :)

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