Sunday, March 23, 2008

you need more retrocomputing: Mini vMac and old Apple software

So I was looking for cool activities for my new XO laptop, and I ran across Mini vMac, an emulator for the Macintosh Plus; it's cross-platform, but if you happen to have an XO, here's the .xo activity.

And it works really well! You'll need a ROM image, y'know, taken from the Mac Plus that you personally own, and also an image from a "System" disk (available on that same page).

But! As the Mini vMac page points out, you can get old Macintosh System software from somewhere else -- Apple's own Older Software Downloads page, which features all sorts of outdated Apple software. System disks, drivers for bizarre old SCSI hardware... and Hypercard.

The Mini vMac page also links to this fantastic compendium of old macintosh software from third parties, which has even more wild old stuff, like vim 3, forgotten Lisps and MLs, games that you might remember.

I'm going to have to run this fullscreen on my Macbook Pro, woo!

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