Monday, August 18, 2008

Firefox 3: you can drag tabs between windows!

That's a pretty neat feature: drag a tab from the tab bar on one Firefox window into another one. You can also drag them into your bookmarks toolbar.

I'd like a way to grab hold of a tab and drag it out into space, forming a new window, but this might be hard to implement -- some systems would make a link on the Desktop. Failing that, an "open this tab in new window" command would be nice.

I could put in a feature request, I suppose -- or even a patch! How hard could that be to implement?

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Esther said...

Don't know how hard that would be in other OSes, but for Mac OSX, Adium (the instant-messaging client I use) already does that; you can drag tabs (conversations) between windows, or drag one out into space to become a new window. So it shouldn't be that tricky there, anyway.