Saturday, August 08, 2009

goto: a utility for bash

Do you ever find yourself, while using bash, wanting to get to a particular file that you know is way down in a big tree of files -- maybe a big Java source tree, or some other nested file structure? You know you want, but is it in src/com/foocorp/package/a/b/c, or maybe somewhere else?

Announcing goto, a bash utility which solves just that problem! Now you can just say:

you@computer:~/project$ goto
you@computer:~/project/src/com/foocorp/whatever/path/to$ vim

... instead of whatever business you were going to do with locate or find or your IDE, or just manually sifting for it.

Here's the README. Comments, complaints, and patches welcome! (and if you find this useful, I'd be really pleased if you'd let me know!)

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