Thursday, March 24, 2011

did you know: F-Spot can export to picasa, flickr, etc!

If you're using Picasa Web Albums, and you're on Linux (maybe a small audience for this post), you don't have to manually upload your files on the web interface or use the Picasa client. The Picasa client is OK, I guess, but it's actually a thinly veiled Windows app bundled with a version of Wine. It's not all that snappy, and it doesn't feel like the rest of the apps on the Linux desktop, and it's not open source.

But! F-Spot is native, and well-integrated with Gnome, and Free Software... and it can very easily upload your photos to picasaweb, or other online photo-hosting places. That's pretty rad.


sajith said...

Shotwell can do this with less ceremony. (F-Spot is a little too horizontally challenged, don't you think?)

Alex Rudnick said...

Interesting! I haven't tried Shotwell, but I expect I'll look into it.

I am revealed, perhaps, as still running Ubuntu 10.4.