Thursday, January 18, 2007

Run and jump on that gmaps bandwagon!

All the cool kids are doing Google Maps mashups, and it just occurred to me, while chatting with Graham: we could do one that picks a meeting place for runners to meet. Say given starting points for n runners, it finds some convenient corner for everybody to get together. For the case of two people (say, me and Graham), it might be just the midpoint on the best path between our houses -- but what about a big running club? And what if some runners are stronger than other? Clearly, some weighting and scaling is in order. And you could put in how fast you expect to run and when you want to get there, and it could tell you when you should leave, adjusted for traffic!

Maybe not as immediately useful as Gmaps Pedometer, but it'd be fun to put together. The API looks kinda neat, and I should learn this newfangled Web 2.0-AJAX-web-services schlock one of these days...

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