Wednesday, January 24, 2007

gmaps and quicksilver

So I've started work on the gmaps mashup for runners I'd mentioned last time... the Google Maps API is very straightforward, easy to understand. And getting a simple example working is quick. I'm not surprised, but it turns out to be very pleasant. Everything you wanted to know about gmaps is right there, have at!

Also: my ATLhack compatriot Erik introduced me to this really nice interface tweak for Mac OS X -- quicksilver. It lets you do a lot less mousing on the Mac, which is a pretty welcome change -- a quick key-tap, and it pops up a window where you type the first few letters of something, say an application or a folder or whatever, and it searches out what you probably mean! It seems like it's more efficient than reaching for the mouse, and for right now I've taken everything off my Dock to see if quicksilver is a viable replacement. Thanks, Erik!

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