Wednesday, April 18, 2007

java 6: apparently even less of a loss than java 5!

Java 6. It's so hot right now. Java 6.

Well, I'm excited anyway. The new Scripting API provides a standard interface for embedding other languages in Java and making calls between the two. See if there's already a project to handle your favorite language here -- there probably is, unless you like Common Lisp. There's even a mechanism for manipulating namespaces in the embedded language, pretty snappy.

Apparently recent releases of Jython already have hooks to support the new API. Maybe the next version of JES should be rewritten with that in mind, say once Jython 2.2 is stable. And perhaps we'll see ABCL ported to the new standard...

Also in Java 6, the built-in support for splash screens is kinda cute. And they're saying that the whole shebang is faster and prettier. Good job, guys!

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