Tuesday, April 17, 2007

tools for blogging and reading

I had an idea for a tool today, one to keep track of links that you want to blog about, assuming you keep a buffer of a few links hanging around like I do. Usually, I have a bookmark folder set aside for the next batch of links, but it might be nice to have a special command that would let you right-click on a link and save it to somewhere. Later on, you'll be able to paste back your links (maybe with HTML link code) into arbitrary text boxes using another context-menu command. This probably wants to be a Firefox extension.

Graham suggests that this would be better with online storage -- it could sync up with your del.icio.us bookmarks and keep track of what you've already blogged about. Perhaps someday soon I'll be cool enough to use del.icio.us.

Speaking of reading things on the web and managing one's reading -- please allow me to direct your attention to BibDesk and Skim, a pair of apps for the Mac designed with your reading pleasure in mind. The first is a bibliography manager that works with BibTeX format and has a lovely UI and lets you drag references around and whatnot, and the latter is for reading, highlighting, and annotating your papers, which is traditionally pretty difficult with a PDF.

The downside of these is that they're Cocoa apps and Mac-only, but they're pretty much what I'll want to build when I get around to putting together that cross-platform Python paper manager thing I've been thinking about...

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