Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fixing your Ubuntu suspend/resume problems

After some recent update, my Ubuntu box (currently "Intrepid Ibex") started having a problem where the networking wouldn't come back up when waking from suspend mode. My machine uses the "forcedeth" ethernet driver (quite a name \m/ ).

The fix! Mentioned tersely over here, and slightly more clearly over here, all I had to do was create a file /etc/pm/config.d/01-modules that contains this line:


Apparently you can name the file something else, as long as it's in the same directory, but this one worked for me. And of course, if you're having trouble with a different driver, change "forcedeth" to the right module name.

It's 2008 -- why is power management still tricky on Linux? Users (like your non-technical family members) should never have to do this sort of thing.


Martin said...

Suspend on Linux is really embarrassing, as well as a lot of other parts of ACPI. I've heard that some hardware vendors release non-standard hardware. They claim to be ACPI compliant, but really it is only compliant in that it works with Windows. So sad.

Aku said...

Wow! I've been trying to fix this issue since ages, tried everything and I finally came across this post!

Thanks a million!

Alex Rudnick said...

Aku: Fantastic, glad this helped! :)

Zach said...

No go for me. I have four other files in /etc/pm/config.d and two other files that I tried with previous fixes but had no luck. Is forcedeth supposed to be the only file in config.d?

Thanks for any help.

Zach said...

IT WORKED!!! Turned out I was doing it wrong. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! This should bring down my energy bills.