Sunday, November 16, 2008

I could have just emailed them a photo of my shelf

I seem to have just spent 20 minutes flipping through Amazon's book recommendations, finding books that I already own and checking the box that says so. This, of course, made other books that I already own pop up, which I then clicked. And it was kind of fun. Thoughts that ran through my head included "I have the first edition but not this latest one, does that count?" and "Lindsey has that one -- that's almost like I have it, right?"

Excellent design, Amazon dudes and dudettes. I don't begrudge you that training data at all.


Anonymous said...

You can almost-have my books if I can almost-have yours!

Alex Rudnick said...

Aww :) Likewise.

Alex Rudnick said...

Which is to say -- it's a deal?