Thursday, July 26, 2007


It's been a while since I've last posted: I should make an effort to have exciting technical things to say more often.

But! In the last few months, I've graduated, got a paper accepted to a conference, taught six weeks of summer camps to enthusiastic middle- and highschool kids, and made all the preparations to start up work with the Goog. My first day is Monday.

Topics that I've been looking into and will hopefully post about soon:
- Haskell -- maybe one day I'll have a more consistent opinion about how I feel about static vs. dynamic typing. Writing here on the issue will probably help sort it out. Or just building something big with Haskell.
- Statistics. I went out and bought All of Statistics and I've been thumbing through it a bit.
- CS Education and edutech. Good goodness, education. I've spent most of my summer with the childrens, trying out different ways of convincing them they want to know what I think they should know. It's been going well, for the most part.
- GWT and associated topics in Javascript and Ajax. I'm joining the GWT team in just a few days, so I'm working pretty hard on learning it!